Kids Coaching Connection

Kids Coaching Connection is an award winning, unique, fully approved International Coach Federation program that provides Life-Coaching skills training to teachers, parents, counsellors, coaches of children and youth. We train adults to help children and youth become more prepared for life.

The focus is on helping to develop the whole person, recognizing that all aspects of life affect how children and youth learn and their sense of belonging. We have a new vision for working with children and youth that brings together the mind and the heart for in doing so, we provide children and youth with the values and virtues that will guide them to becoming more productive leaders in their community and the world.

Ongoing coaching support is also provided to the program participants through the following; one-on-one coaching support and tele-calls. The Kids Coaching Connection coaching program is also available to teach coaching skills directly to children and youth so they in turn can coach other children or youth at school, home or in the community.

What Is Uniquely Effective About Our Approach?

Research indicates the present generation of children and youth worldwide is demonstrating more emotional needs than the last. Educational and recreational programs as well as families are recognizing that children and youth are more angry and unruly, more lonely and depressed, more impulsive and aggressive, more stressed and nervous.

Current research and a survey by the International Coaching Federation reports that people who have a coach show:

  • increased self-awareness
  • higher academic success
  • an increased sense of belonging
  • an increased ability to take on leadership roles
  • an increased ability to set and achieve goals
  • lowered stress levels.
Increased self-awareness often results from examining ones emotions, behaviours, values and life purpose. This self-awareness helps when making decisions and when having to take action. Self-awareness is one of the foundational requirements of Emotional Intelligence and is a strong component in academic success. No other program in the world provides this coaching focus for interacting and working with children and youth that is fully approved and provides follow-up support.  

The current and future impact of Kids Coaching Connection is staggering. Results to date indicate a positive influence on learning, the sense of belonging in children and increased capacity for taking on leadership roles.

For more information about bringing this training into your organization or to find out when the next course is please contact us here.

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