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Here you will find resources to assist you is raising the Self Esteem of kids, youth and yourself!  These resources are great for educators, parents, therapists, foster kids, organizational teams etc. They are also great for teaching literacy from a positive value based perspective.

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General information

Please contact us for bulk orders.  In some cases resources are included in speaking appearances.   Learn more about Susan's speaking.

Postage Rates

Single Order Postage within Canada and U.S. $9.00
2 to 3 Order Postage within Canada and U.S $12.00
4 to 5 sets Within Canada and U.S $15.00

Single Order Postage Overseas is $15.00
2 to 3 Order Postage Overseas is $18.00
4 to 5 sets Order Postage Overseas is $21.00

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