Susan is a Kid, Youth, Family and Relationship Systems Coach, Human Development Expert, University Professor, Author, Keynote Speaker, Humanitarian-Award Winner and was finalist for Canadian Coach of the Year.

If you're a parent, or if you know a parent, I have something very interesting to share with you. It will take just a moment of your time, and I think you'll find it to be very helpful to you.

Susan is an internationally recognized authority on kids, youth, families and relationships and has been told she has a remarkable talent for helping families deal with a whole variety of family challenges in a real-life, practical way.

Susan is in the process of developing a series of online family coaching programs and wants to make it tailored to what YOU want.

Manifest Your Magnificence Coaching

“I AM…the two most powerful words in the world, for whatever we put after them becomes our reality"

What reality do you want to create...

  • For yourself?
  • For your family?
  • For your business?
  • For the world?
I believe that we are born naturally perfect, whole and complete. What I know is that sometimes things are said or done to us that make us forget about who we truly are.

I know that when children and adults feel good about who they are, they are able to Manifest the Magnificence of their being, creating a better world for themselves and others.

Vast resources and powers lie within you. Life is meant to be great and you are meant to give expression to the Magnificence within you.

This is how Manifest Your Magnificence coaching works. As you become more aware of yourself, and act on this awareness, your outer world responds; life changes. Your relationship with yourself, others and the world becomes more fulfilling.

Isn’t it time for you to invest in the world’s most precious resource – You, Your kids and Your family? Call me for a complimentary coaching session. You will be glad you did!

Kid/Youth Coaching

Most people assume that academic learning has little or nothing to do with how one feels about themselves. In fact, some people argue that too much emphasis has been placed on "feel good" ideas and not enough on core academics like reading, writing and arithmetic. And the truth is that they are interdependent. Neuroscience tells us that when a child trying to learn doesn't feel good about themselves, the centres for learning in the brain are temporarily hampered. And so, there is a direct link between self-esteem, emotional strength and learning.

We have all had times when we wanted to give up but when our thoughts are positive and our values strong, we keep going, achieving success in spite of our circumstances.

Students that have a positive sense of self, self-esteem and positive values have greater motivation to succeed and can deal with bullying situations more effectively. They believe in their abilities, are able to communicate more successfully, concentrate, set goals and overcome obstacles.

If you want to reduce the risk of your child doing poorly at school, start the day with Manifest Your Magnificence and arm your child for success.

Susan coaches kids, youth and families around issues of self esteem, bullying, divorce, etc. For a complimentary initial coaching consultation please fill in the following form.

Family Relationship Coaching

Personal Development Life Coaching

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