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Online DISC Assessment/Debriefing

41 page intensive report with coaching/debriefing session - used by HR professionals and coaches alike.

$150.00 + taxes and shipping
Adult Profile Assessment/Coaching Session
Adult self test for DISC Profiling. Take the test and receive a 60 minute coaching session - FREE

$150.00 + taxes and shipping
Educators Introductory Assessment & Mini Coaching Package
Are you a teacher wanting to make better connections in the classroom - or just life in general? Learn how to use the most effective tool available for communicating- in the classroom..and life!
$99.00 + taxes and shipping

Educators Advanced Assessment & Coaching Package
Educators Intermediate Assessment & Mini Coaching Package includes both Introductory and Intermediate Packages

$550.00 + taxes and shipping
 All About Bots- Assessment for Children/Debriefing

Personality Assessment for children- in language they can easily identify with- with 30 minute debriefing with Certified Behaviour Consultant - FREE

$49.99 + taxes and shipping

Who Do You Think You are Anyway - Robert Rohm
Learn to understand all the different personality types- How are you wired?

$24.00 + taxes and shipping


Positive Personality Profiles
Introductory book to personality styles- Learn more about who you really are. $14.95 + taxes and shipping

Personality Profiles Bundle
All you need to figure it all out!

$99.99 + taxes and shipping

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