Jacqueline Stark - Montessori teacher

28 Aug 2015 8:02 PM | Susan Howson (Administrator)

I completed the full Kids Coaching Connection Program. The training got me thinking about my future as a Montessori Teacher. I realized my Divine Design was to open my own Montessori School.  Less than a year after completing the training my dreams came true. I opened my own school, First Impressions Montessori.

My classroom is focused for children ages 3 to 6 years old. I have incorporated Susan’s Manifest Your Magnificence cards into my everyday routine with the children. Each week I pick one card and read it to the children as I ring our singing bowl. After I finish reading the card, I display it in the classroom as a reminder for the children throughout the day.Often times the children are curious and ask questions about the beautiful pictures on the cards. Recently, the children have begun to repeat with me while I read the words out loud. What I find to be very exciting is that throughout the day I will often see a child looking at the displayed card in deep thought.

I look forward to the exciting new discoveries and connections the children and myself make because of these powerful cards.

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