Kids Coaching Connection is a Coaching program developed to help adults help kids of all ages become more prepared for life.

Participants will learn coaching strategies with a focus on helping kids to tap into their Magnificence. We have a new vision for working with kids that brings together the mind and the heart and develops all aspects of a kid’s being.

Through the coaching process kids discover their values and virtues, guiding them towards becoming more productive and fulfilled.

The Kids Coaching Connection program is an intensive, experiential program made up of five core courses. Each course builds on the previous course and focuses on a specific guiding principle. The courses are Divine Elementals, Divine Design, Divine Possibilities, Divine Expression and Divine Connections.

Kids Coaching Connection is a powerful Coaching program for Teachers, Parents, Caregivers, Counselors, Mental Health Professionals, Parent Educators, Coaches etc. It is the proud recipient of the Internationally acclaimed PRISM award through the International Coach Federation.

Kids Coaching Connection is an International Coach Federation Approved Coaching Program (ACSTH).

Please feel free to contact me with any questions you have about the program.  Our graduates are happy to talk with you too!

Susan Howson                                                                   416-708-6232

Divine Elementals

Divine Elementals focuses on the essential elements for coaching kids. More info here

Divine Design

The Divine Design course focuses on coaching kids around what would make life more fulfilling and satisfying for them. More info here

Divine Possibilities

The Divine Possibilities course focuses on coaching kids from the lens of choice. More info here

Divine Expression

The Divine Expressions course is all about the coach being with the emotions of kids and staying with them, whether it be the really difficult situations or celebrating success. More info here

Divine Connections

The Divine Connections course brings all of the coaching principles together and applies them within the context of relationship. More info here

“If we are to create real peace in the world, we must begin with the children.” ~ M. Gandhi

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